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99 New Ladies Join Stitch!

The Stitch Cooperative is expanding!

In January we were able to welcome an incredible 99 new women into the Stitch Cooperative, which means we now have 120 fabulous women part of this amazing programme. Many of the women were already selling embroidery products as associates but by joining fully as members means that they can now create their own products, use the embroidery studio in Sainte Luce and spread the positive economic benefits of the Stitch project further across the community here.

Of course, such fantastic news deserves celebration and we marked the expansion with festivities bringing together Stitch members old and new and the SEED Madagascar project staff. With speeches, drinks and a lot of cheering the event really showed the excitement of everyone involved for this new phase. The celebration was also covered by a local journalist whose broadcast will help raise awareness of Stitch which fully deserves it’s position as an established enterprise within this remote fishing village in Madagascar.

With such a large expansion of the project, Stitch will be able to up the production of handmade embroidery pieces so in the coming weeks you can expect to see a much bigger variety of stock on our Etsy shop, new collaborations with retailers and a whole heap of positive news on the development of the Cooperative.

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