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Bringing Stitch to the Table

Introducing Stitch's new product line: tableware

It's been some time since Stitch launched any new product categories, almost four years in fact! The last couple of years have been tough for Stitch, although the studio remained open, many of the members were embroidering far less often during the pandemic. Border closures meant no tourists were able to visit the premises, and this coupled with a reduced income to purchase embroidery materials with, and the increasing food prices and insecurity in the region, priorities changed.

The Stitch Cooperative was lucky to have some generous support during the pandemic. International audiences kept sales ticking over via the Etsy store, and our International Coordinator featured on Gary Parr's Fiber Talk podcast which resulted in an incredible volume of embroidery threads, needles and other equipment being donated. In November 2021 Stitch received a generous donation to enable a six-month kickstart project which would cover the transportation of embroidery materials out to Madagascar, some marketing budget, and skill training sessions.

The embroiderers, many of whom have been with the Cooperative for several years now, always enjoy learning to make new things. A level of complexity was added with these products as the placemats are made with an iron-on stiffening fabric to give them structure, a material the embroiderers have not worked with before. The training also covered the pulled thread border, a technique that hasn't been used in Stitch products before.

Having honed their skills for making purses, bags and cushion covers the new tableware collection exemplifies the Cooperative's abilities. Intricate, creative-led designs with immaculate stitching in bold colours makes for the perfect table decor for hosting. As with all Stitch products each of the new items is hand-embroidered, hand-sewn and designed by the embroiderer, making them all the more special for your special occasions.

You'll be able to shop them in sets of two, four or six and we'll be open to bespoke commissions for specific designs or set sizes.

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