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Each piece in our collection has been carefully hand-stitched. Each member of the Cooperative creates her own individual designs, inspired by the environment, our lifestyle and the local stories of Madagascar so you'll never find two pieces the same.

Our curated selection of handmade cushion covers, bed runners and tableware will brighten any room. You will find unique pieces for accessorising sofas, armchairs, kitchens, nurseries and home office spaces right here. Or, look no further for the most colourful accessories: the perfect make-up bag, clutch, pouch, tote bag or beach bag.

The studio in which we work has no electricity and so every part of our making process is done entirely by hand. We use hand-powered vintage Singer sewing machines for all the finishing and a

fire-heated iron for pressing.

Treating yourself, or giving a gift, we've absolutely got something perfect for you here...




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