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Volunteering in Stitch Sainte Luce

Azafady’s English Programme volunteer Ben Smith has just returned from Sainte Luce where he was lucky enough to help teach some of our wonderful Stitch women English. He also helped with English lessons for local village children.  As he was based in the ACP camp he was able to partake in some of their activities, such as lemur transects, night walks in the forest, a day trip to see flying foxes and and the picturesque coastline.

Ben in the Stitch studio

Ben in the Stitch studio

Ben says “My favourite thing about teaching in the bush is experiencing authentically rural Madagascar, knowing that I will be enabling people who are clearly and visibly in poverty to improve their livelihoods.  Despite their living conditions, they are some of the happiest and friendliest people I have ever met.”

Ben teaching English whilst visiting Sainte Luce

Ben teaching English whilst visiting Sainte Luce

If you are interested in Madagascar and Azafady, please take a look at Azafady’s website, or read the English co-ordinator Louise du Plessis’s blog for an insight into an Azafady volunteer’s life in Madagascar.

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