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An Incredible Gift of Glasses

The third and most recently health talk for the ladies of Stitch Sainte Luce involved eye care. Many of the women have been concerned about their eyes, something all embroiderers can relate to! Some of the women are finding it difficult to see their embroidery work up close. Others struggle with the transition between very close work all day and then long distance viewing in the evenings.


As the women’s earning capacity directly reflects how much they can work, any problem with their eyes is very worrying. They are also likely to continue working regardless of headaches because they need the money.


Jane and Paul Chaplin, long time supporters of Stitch Sainte Luce and of the work of SEED Madagascar came to visit Sainte Luce last week and very kindly donated 20 pairs of reading glasses. An additional 20 pairs of glasses were donated by a friend of the Chaplins.


Paula, the Project Assistant sat down with the women to discuss the problems they have with their eyes and to find out when they get headaches. We wanted to see what they are struggling with and to make sure that the women only use reading glasses if they really needed them.


She then demonstrated some eye exercises, encouraging the women to refocus their eyes during the day. We hope that in addition to the use of glasses, these exercises will lessen the contrast between close needlework and general sight in the evenings.


The women were so grateful to receive this incredible gift that they clubbed together to give one of their beautiful cushions and a card to say thank you. Their delight was so visible as they were trying on glasses and testing them out with their embroidery.


We would like to thank the Chaplins for their continued support and enthusiasm for this amazing project. This donation will make such a difference to these women!

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