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Bank Holiday Success & Exciting New Packages from Madagascar

By some kind of miracle, we were blessed with the most beautiful sunny Bank Holiday weekend in London, and we spent it at the buzzy and bustling Canopy Market at Kings Cross.

The Canopy Market features fresh produce, cured meats, freshly ground coffee, craft beers and cocktails, flowers, crafts and design, art and accessories. This weekend was our first appearance at the market and it was a great success!


Chris hosting the stall on Saturday!

Joined by some wonderful volunteers, we set up the stall on Friday morning and did a roaring trade with many of our visitors being amazed at the intricacy and detail of our products, as well as really interested in the volunteering opportunities that SEED Madagascar provide.

Highlights of the weekend include all the lovely compliments made on our products, a lawyer purchasing potentially the brightest tie we have ever seen and offering out pro bono work, lots of leaflets on our volunteering programmes flying off the table and the sale of over 50 pieces, the proceeds from which are on their way to the ladies in Sainte Luce!

As ever, these kind of events do not succeed without a great amount of input from a whole team of people, so as well as a big thanks to all of our Volunteers and SEED Madagascar team, we’d like to give a shout out to two special organisations who helped us make the weekend such a triumph: firstly to Ged and his team who manage the Canopy Market for taking us on, helping us get set up and continual support over the weekend and secondly to Attic Storage at Kings Cross who donated a unit to us for storing stall props overnight, we couldn’t have done it without you!

On our return to the office this week we were also met with another new package from Madagascar with some great new products inside! Our favourite pieces from the latest delivery are:

Geometric Make Up Purse by Virginie    Chameleon iPad Case by Nesiteni

FullSizeRender (71)

Selection of bracelets by Banina, Guerceline, Kirisy, Nesiteni & Rolline

FullSizeRender (69)

So keep your eyes peeled across the blog and our social media channels over the coming weeks for updates on our Etsy store and the next events for Stitch before Christmas!

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