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As you all know, the Stitch project is geared towards sustainability and that is why it is so important for the Stitch embroiderers to be able to run their business themselves. We have shown you examples of business skills being taught and team-building exercises that were organised. Here we can see three students using a laptop in the new studio as they learn to manage their stock, write dispatch forms and keep on top of inventories.

Embroidery teaches business skills, madagascar

Esterline showing others how to use a computer

Two months ago we did a call-out for any old laptops or cameras to be donated to the Stitch project. We were overwhelmed with your generosity and we are very happy to have more than one laptop that we are sending out to Madagascar. It is very exciting that the women will be able to take control of more and more of the business elements of this project, as well as the creative.

Learning business skills, Madagascar

Experimenting with Studio Dispatch Forms

Last month, the Stitch London Team received the first studio dispatch form written by the students. It was a very exciting moment as, not only did it make the stock intake process much easier, but it felt like a big step for the project.

taster session for embroidery, madagascar

Taster session for Stitch back in 2012

This was the taster session that was held back in 2012, from which the first 11 women were selected to take part in the Stitch project. It is such a pleasure to see how this business has grown!

Crowding round a laptop- new video

Crowding round a computer to see the new Stitch video

Here we see members of Stitch and their families crowding around the laptop to see the new and very exciting video on the Stitch project.

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