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Community Association Building Meeting

One of the most amazing features of the Stitch Sainte Luce project is how community oriented it is. Each member of the Stitch family has an equal say in how the project is run. In this Association Building Meeting (in the amazing new studio!) we see Sylvestre, the Community Liaison Agent facilitating a meeting on rules. It is essential that the women are all happy with the project that they are dedicating so much of their time to. In the following photos you can see the students proposing and voting on new ideas for the Stitch association that collectively they are building. The meeting involved many lively discussions as the students try to foresee any potential problems with the development of the project and look for solutions.

community meeting, Stitch, Madagascar

Sylvestre chairing the meeting

women cooperative business, madagascar

The women leave their shoes outside the studio for the community meeting

women's embroidery, Africa

Always fun and laughter in the brand new Stitch Studio

women cooperative business, africa

Women propose and vote on new ideas for their community run project

 Stitch aims to be completely sustainable, this is why so much effort is being put into training the women with business skills and English, on top of their embroidery training. Embroidery has become an important way through which these women can support themselves, their families and their community as a whole.

In other news, look how beautiful our new studio is! We are still so excited by this, and these photos are a fantastic opportunity to show how light it is and how it serves as the most wonderful backdrop for our beautiful and colourful Stitch embroidered items. The new studio has become a very important part of the Sainte Luce community, testament to all of the hard work put in by the embroiderers and the Project Staff. Please continue to buy our bracelets, purses, cushions and cards etc here

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