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Donate when you Shop – for free!

Online shopping is something that pretty much everyone does these days, first and foremost for it’s convenience and secondly you can find some pretty good discounts. Amazon is a big player in this and although many involved in the sustainability space boycott Amazon for it’s less than desirable impacts on the environment they are trying to do better. One of their initiatives that particularly benefits us at SEED Madagascar, and subsequently Stitch is the Amazon Smile programme which allows you donate Amazon’s money for each item you purchase.

This initiative means that Amazon donates 0.5% of the product price of your item (as long as it is eligible) to your selected organisation, taking the money from the product price and not additionally to your purchase – that’s right, Amazon’s profit going into YOUR chosen cause.

Forgive me if you already know all about this but if you don’t here’s how you can help us, simply by placing your online order:

  1. Head to the URL:, this is literally a copy of the Amazon site but using the smile link, you just use your normal Amazon log in too – no need for setting up a new account.

  2. Here you’ll be asked to select a charity to donate to (which you can change at any time).

  3. When you start typing SEED Madagascar we should come up as an option.

  4. Once you’ve selected us you’ll be directed to the usual homepage.

  5. Start shopping!

There are tens of millions of products on Amazon that are “eligible” for Amazon Smile and you’ll see it underneath the product summary of your item:

As with any great idea, there is a slight catch. Amazon pays the donation quarterly but the payment is only made if the donation total is $5.00 or more which means that we need at least $1000 of purchases to be made through Smile every three months. Whilst we don’t encourage you to be shopping for things you don’t need, we do know that the community of supporters for SEED Madagascar is widespread and wonderfully committed so if you ARE looking for a deal online, do your shopping through the Smile URL and help us squeeze a little support from the big boys!

As always, thank you SO much for your support, every way in which you support us helps us run our amazing projects.

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