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Fomba gasy (housewarming)

We are still so delighted with our new embroidery studio, we are just desperate to show it off! This was our studio under construction, it looks so amazing with people and embroidery in it.

studio under construction

This was the studio under construction, February 4th 2014

In order to bless a new house, tradition in Sainte Luce dictates that a small amount of alcohol is given to the ancestors to ask them to bring luck to the building and those inside.

Blessing studio sainte luce

Blessing the new studio in Sainte Luce

Our ‘fomba gasy’ – or traditional ceremony was a community experience, the embroiderers brought their families and this next phase of the Stitch project was shared by all. The new embroidery studio has become integral to the Sainte Luce community.

new embroidery studio- sainte luce

Project Coordinator Sarah speaks at this important housewarming

The ceremony involved speeches made the village chief, Stitch co-ordinator Sarah, representatives of the Miaro committee, and the forest management committees in Sainte Luce.

new embroidery studio, madagascar

Stitch has become an important part of the community

Toasting new embroidery studio

Raising a glass for the new embroidery studio

Many prominent members of the Sainte Luce community came together to bless this new embroidery studio, showing how important Stitch has become for the community as a whole.

Here the women toast this next, and very exciting, phase of the Stitch project. The new studio is larger and filled with light making it much easier for the women to embroider indoors.

Stitch embroiderers with children

Stitch members with their children

The children of the embroiderers all came to the ceremony, they serve as a constant reminder that Stitch supports whole families and sometimes extended families.

Thank you again for all of your support of the Stitch project!

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