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Happy Belated International Women’s Day!

We had an absolutely fantastic weekend at Women of the World Festival at the Southbank Centre to celebrate International Women’s Day. The first day began with an inspiring talk from Annie Lennox while we were setting up our stall. In terms of sales, Friday was our slowest day but we had lots of time to really talk to people about Stitch, hand out some business cards and let people enjoy looking at our products.

Women of the World Festival Marketplace

The Marketplace 

It was amazing to spend the whole weekend watching people make a beeline for our stall because our items are so exciting, so colourful and so interesting. People never ceased to be amazed by the creativity, the quality and the beauty of all of the Stitch products.

International Women's Day, embroidery stall

Our stand

Almost everybody who bought something commented on how nice it was to have a tag for each individual woman so they could see where their money was going. This is supported by our website which now has a profile for each individual woman and a page that shows exactly who the profits support.


There was lots of interest in Azafady, Tegan spoke to many people about volunteering opportunities in Madagascar and we handed out all of our fliers. A few people were interested in donating to Stitch; money, fabric and sewing machines which is very exciting! We had a great time getting to know Who Made Your Pants in real life and they have very kindly offered to send us some fabric they don’t need which we will be shipping out to Madagascar.

GB Women's Weightlifting Team

The GB Weightlifting team wow the audience

Women of the World Festival was a fantastic experience; it was amazing to be surrounded by so many empowered and inspiring women. We enjoyed watching the GB Weightlifting Team work wonders all day. It was also very exciting to be able to watch Women’s Hour broadcast live from the entrance of the Festival Hall. There were so many interesting and unique projects and charities on the stalls around us, it was fascinating event to explore.

Woman's Hour team for International Women's Day, Southbank

We enjoyed seeing the Woman’s Hour team in the flesh

The most exciting part of the weekend was the amount of people who loved Stitch and how interested they were to know more about the project. It was sad to see some of the products go- we sometimes let ourselves get a bit attached to some of them- but it is incredible to know that they are now being loved in lots of new homes! We were especially excited to sell a cushion that had only been in UK for one day and a large ‘Madagascar Story’ featuring a marriage to an egg.

The Weightlifting team caught in a cheeky behind-the-scenes selfie

The Weightlifting team caught in a cheeky behind-the-scenes selfie

Aside from checking out the other really interesting stalls, we had a hugely successful weekend, selling £1010 worth of Stitch products. This is very exciting for us! A huge thank you to everybody who came and volunteered on the stand, we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you also to everybody who bought something this weekend.

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