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Massive Congratulations to all the Hardworking Staff on the Stitch Project

Wow! What an amazing year for Stitch. Thanks to all of our incredibly dedicated and talented staff we are absolutely thrilled to announce that yesterday total student earnings hit 50,000,000 Ariary. This number was reached by the sale of one of Guerceline’s beautiful purses.


This is around £12,500 and is a significant amount of money in the village. It is the result of many hours of hard work, around 50 square metres of embroidery, and tens of millions of stitches.

What this money means in Sainte Luce is approximately:

746 sacks of rice


250,000 sardines


10,000 chickens


167 cows


As we saw in the National Geographic article last week a cow is incredibly important for rural Malagasy people, so the fact that people like Meline have recently been able to buy themselves a cow from their earnings is amazing!

A huge thank you to all our customers and supporters for helping us reach this amazing landmark! Please do continue to follow us on Twitter and Facebook as we have so many exciting things coming up in 2015!

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