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Stitch team gets ethically crafty with This Good Box

Random acts of craft

On Thursday 30th April, Stitch Sainte Luce went along to an event “Random Acts of Craft” hosted by This Good Box (

This event was to promote ethical crafting, and engaged a like-minded group of individuals keen on using their creativity sustainably. Stitch Sainte Luce had a table to show our products, as well as an invitation for our volunteers to participate in the crafting activities.

Stitch team make bath oil

Isa makes bath oil

Jess, Tegan and Isa went along, a bit hesitant due to lack of art skills, but raring to talk about Stitch products to an ethical audience, and to craft and network with other Londoners. They made seed balls, cards, bath melts and upcycled t-shirts with new pockets, and were astounded at their new found creativity!

Stitch at random acts of craft

Stitch products look great on any surface!

We also enjoyed some chai and salted caramel cake from the host venue Kahaila Café ( Lovely space to work and meet friends in!

It was great to meet founder of This Good Box, Lianne, and to talk to her about the design flexibility of our Stitch Sainte Luce products. Anything is possible!  This Good Box is a new ethical; subscriptions box launching this month. We are hoping to feature items in the future, as this emerging brand and idea, fits in perfectly with Stitch Sainte Luce values, and the market in the UK that we aim at.

stitch team trying sewing

Pocket sewing, can you tell whose is whose?

Watch this space for more This Good Box events, which we hope to be a part of, and a future feature of our products!

stitch ethical sewing
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