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The cushion collection has arrived!

2015 has brought many good things here at Stitch: our new studio, the start of business skills and association building training, increased international sales, the election of our Board of Directors, and 6 new babies in the Stitch family! We’re always busy in the studio, but the last couple of months have been particularly hectic. Project coordinator Sarah has just returned to the UK in order to build international sales whilst studying for a masters degree, and London based intern Jessica is preparing to move out to Madagascar for a year, to support Stitch from Azafady’s Fort Dauphin office. Project assistant Paula, meanwhile, is expanding her role in Madagascar, preparing to teach computer and business skills in the studio, and support the new Board of Directors as they settle into their new roles.


Collecting Wild Honey in the Forest by Nesiteni

DSC_9206 2

As well as all this training and preparation, we have also been busy making a beautiful new range of cushions to sell in the UK and internationally. Cushions are one of our favourite products – they are large enough to really let a geometric pattern shine, and to show embroidered stories made up of a series of images. Although they take a long time, most of the embroiderers enjoy getting stuck into a big project like this – there is a real satisfaction on completing it after working every day for up to a month. It’s also an efficient way of working, not much fabric, machine sewing and ironing required, and you only have to sell one to get a decent income for the month. We have been struggling to get a good range out to the UK over the last year, because as soon as they are completed, they get snapped up by customers in the studio!


Snakeskin geometric by Virginie, modelled by Donaste

As we have lots of events coming up in the UK between now and Christmas, we have put a real emphasis on making a gorgeous range of cushions, (at least one from each embroiderer) to sell online and at events in the UK. We expect them to go quickly, so give us a shout if you’d like to buy or reserve one and watch this space to see them being loaded onto our web shop. Don’t forget you can also commission directly from the studio here. Story cushions come with a translation of the traditional tale, as told by the embroiderer. Prices range from £40-£50


The Story of Voronelo by Fideline, modelled by Christina


Floral geometric by Prisca


Kirisy with her Palms and Chickens design


Baskets of Sainte Luce, by Olga


The Story of Trimobe and Kely Kante, by Cleire

DSC_9182 - Version 2

The story of Tribe and Kely Kante, detail, by Cleire

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