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The Sea in Sainte Luce

We always talk about how the effects of climate change in Sainte Luce and how important it is that the women are able to make an income that does not rely on the sea. Take a look at these images taken at neighbouring village Elodrato, it shows just how dangerous this job can be.

fishing Madagascar dangerous

Many fisherman cannot swim

Of our 23 students, 10 are married to fishermen, who at this time are fishing for lobster as well as large oily fish including tuna. Very few Malagasy fishermen have lifejackets and even fewer can swim.

fishing madagascar sainte luce

10 Stitch students are married to fishermen

Even when seas are rough, many fishermen still go fishing out of desperation in order to feed their families. By earning an income from embroidery, our students are relieving the financial pressures on their families and reducing the risks that the fishermen in their families need to take.

stitch sainte luce fishing madagascar

Fishing in the Indian Ocean is ever more dangerous

“When the weather is bad and my husband can’t go out fishing I don’t have to worry because now I can make money from embroidery.” Olga

dangerous ocean madagascar

Climate change is affecting this costal region of Madagascar in an alarming way

Not only are the women bringing in money from embroidery that means their husbands do not have to take such risks fishing, but many women have actually taught their husbands to embroider. Each Stitch product comes with a tag and a code, if the code ends in a letter this means it has been made by a friend or family member and often this is their husband.

fisherman embroidering madagascar

Embroidery means many husbands do not have to take risks fishing

Stitch has many ‘associate members’, each woman is responsible for anyone who is embroidering for them, so if their husband decides to embroider she will be paying him!

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