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Welcome SEED Madagascar!

Today Azafady UK becomes SEED Madagascar – Sustainable Environment, Education and Development in Madagascar. Our staff, projects, and commitment to the Anosy region will all remain the same, but we’ll be partnering a range of organisations to reach our goal – setting up a network of people and groups with the skills they need to take hold of Madagascar’s future with both hands.


Nick modelling a beautiful tie embroidered by Nesiteni, in front of the new painted sign

Nothing will change for Stitch Sainte Luce, it will continue to be supported by Azafady under the new name SEED Madagascar. SEED will continue to operate from the same building of ONG Azafady in Fort Dauphin, Madagascar.


Pouring some rum near the sacrificed chicken

A chicken was sacrificed this morning in the Azafady compound and some rum was sprinkled for the ancestors. A gift was given to each member of staff of a packet of salt. According to tradition, salt is a gift to offset any bad luck that may arise from changing your given name.

We look forward to an afternoon of goat, chicken and merriment as we welcome the new name of SEED Madagascar.

Seed Madagascar Strapline
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