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What’s New? An update on the latest in Sainte Luce and next steps for Stitch!

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us at Stitch, so we thought we’d share an update on what’s been going on in Sainte Luce!

January 2017 marked the end of a project phase which means that our key Stitch team, Vicki, Paula, Sylvie and Sarah, were all busy running the project monitoring. This usually includes activities like interviewing our embroidering ladies and conducting workshops which map production and routes to market, to work out the project progress and mark our achievements. It also helps us to understand what areas need more work, and where to focus next. Sarah, the Stitch Sainte Luce project founder, and now project co-ordinator, spent the first quarter of the year in Sainte Luce at the Stitch studio, gathering information, working with the SEED team to evaluate this last phase of the project and develop a plan for the fourth phase. The fourth phase aims to expand, strengthen and increase the independence of the Stitch Cooperative.


Other exciting news comes as a result of the hard work of Paula and the Cooperative President, Esterline (who’s stunning work you can see available on our Etsy shop), who have enabled us to achieve official “Cooperative” status for Stitch. Paula and Esterline have completed a long and complex process with the local authorities and we now have an official Certificate of Status and ID card which is an amazing result!

Paula has also been running weekly English lessons in the studio, followed by one-on-one practice sessions for motivated embroiders, to build on our Stitch team business and communication skills which are cruical for increasing the reach and stability of the project.

Measuring the base material

As we gear up for the next stage, our ladies are now busy in the studio creating lots of wonderful products, the income from which helps support themselves and the growth of the project. To keep up with what we’re working on you can check out our Etsy shop which has all the latest ethical embroidery products, and find us on social media using the handle @stitchsteluce for Instagram and Twitter and /StitchSainteLuce for Facebook.

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